Sixth Apparition – Sunday 21 February 1858

The number of onlookers and the curious at this apparition was over one hundred and the police were beginning to become alarmed at the commotion the young girl was causing in this sleepy town. Jacomet, the Police Commissioner, sent for Bernadette, and he questioned and tried to intimidate her. All Bernadette could speak of was the Aquero. In an act moving towards desperation he obtained from her father François, the assurance that the whole matter would cease forthwith. Bernadette was very sad at this instruction from her father and her sadness upset her family …”she is no liar”, said her mother.

Monday  22 February

That Monday, Bernadette went to school as normal but her heart was sad as she did not want to be disobey her Father’s instruction. However, by that afternoon she felt an almost irresistible force drawing her back to Massabielle. She slipped into the Grotto but this time the Lady did not appear.