There are two levels of membership within the Hospitalité: ‘ordinary’ and ‘full’. This is not to encourage a hierarchy within the organisation, but to allow experienced helpers to make a deeper commitment to serving pilgrims in Lourdes. In addition, the Council will invite certain people to become prayer members.

All helpers on the Catholic Association Pilgrimage to Lourdes may apply for admission to ‘ordinary’ membership of the CA Hospitalité on conclusion of their first pilgrimage with the Catholic Association.

After working with the Catholic Association Pilgrimage for a further two years as ordinary members, pilgrim-helpers may apply for admission to ‘full’ membership of the Hospitalité.

Application forms for both ordinary and full membership can be requested from the Secretary of the Hospitalité or here and must be submitted to him or her by 1st January of the following year, having first been signed by a Head of Service (there are four services: brancardier, handmaid, nurse or doctor). Heads of Service are defined as the Chief Brancardier, Chief Handmaid, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nurse. Other helpers on the pilgrimage not directly in these services (such as Glanfield Children’s Group, clergy and music group) should have their forms signed by the President of the Hospitalité, or their leader.

Applications are submitted to the Hospitalité Council for approval in the February meeting. Following approval by the Council, applicants will be admitted to the appropriate level of membership during their next pilgrimage to Lourdes by making an Act of Consecration before the Patron, Chaplain and President of the Hospitalité.

The CA Hospitalité Council may, at its discretion, invite Assisted Pilgrims who have frequently participated in the Catholic Association Pilgrimage to become full members of the Hospitalité. These pilgrims are also required to undertake the responsibilities of membership, spiritually if not physically. These ‘Prayer members’ shall usually be admitted to the Hospitalité by making the usual Act of Consecration before the Patron, Chaplain and President at the annual Hospitalité service in Lourdes (rather than at the opening mass).

Membership of the CA Hospitalité is outwardly exhibited by the wearing of insignia. These insignia are not decorations, but dedications; a sign of the member’s commitment to service. The full members’ insignia is included above.

We are always looking for new members willing to offer their time and energies.