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As the Catholic Association Trustees, we are looking forward to welcoming you on the Catholic Association Pilgrimage to Lourdes in 2018 from 24th to 31st August, with flights from Stansted, Birmingham and Southampton.  Tangney Tours will be sending out full details in the very near future to all on their mailing list.

Since running our first Pilgrimage over 100 years ago, we have welcomed pilgrims from all parts of the UK and, indeed, from across the world.  Therefore, although it is with disappointment that we must advise you that Portsmouth Diocese has decided not to participate in this year’s Pilgrimage as a Diocese, those who have travelled with Portsmouth in the past will be very welcome to join any of our other groups, in particular the “CA Annual” group for those with no particular allegiance to other dioceses.  We understand no other Lourdes Pilgrimage will be offered by Portsmouth Diocese in 2018.  The Catholic Association recognises the very large number of Portsmouth Pilgrims who have come with our Pilgrimage from Portsmouth, some for more than 40 years, and especially the Priests and Nurses, Doctors, Brancardiers, Handmaids and of course the Assisted Pilgrims and hope that they will continue to feel welcome on the Pilgrimage, this year and hopefully into the future.

We also understand that the Carmelite Group will not join the Catholic Association Pilgrimage as specific group this year.  The same warm welcome is extended to those who have travelled with the Carmelites over the last few years.

The remaining component groups of the Catholic Association, namely, Clifton, East Anglia, Northampton, Southwark, Stonyhurst College, and the Glanfield Group will be joining us as usual.

We do look forward to seeing you with us on Pilgrimage in 2018.

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